Zocalo Coffeehouse

Zocalo Coffeehouse. An independent, locally-owned coffeehouse and roastery, located in San Leandro, California. The name, a Mexican-Spanish word meaning "town square" or "town center," was chosen to reflect the goal of community building, focusing not only on the product, but on the place itself. 

It’s not just about coffee or tea, it’s about the community.

Storytime At Zocalo Coffeehouse with Kara McCall!

Once a month Zocalo brings you a select children's story read by a local author, business person or parent. This month, we're proud to present Kara McCall! All Ages welcome! 

Kara, a bay area doula and educator, loves to share great stories with kids of all ages. Join us at Zocalo Coffeehouse on Monday (2/15) at 3pm for story time and an activity. We'll be reading Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band by Kwame Alexander and have our own mini talent show just like the barnyard animals. All ages welcome.

January 21
Trivia Night
February 18
Trivia Night

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