Zocalo Coffeehouse

Zocalo Coffeehouse. An independent, locally-owned coffeehouse and roastery, located in San Leandro, California. The name, a Mexican-Spanish word meaning "town square" or "town center," was chosen to reflect the goal of community building, focusing not only on the product, but on the place itself. 

It’s not just about coffee or tea, it’s about the community.

Vulcan Blend

Zocalo Shakes-16.jpg
Zocalo Shakes-16.jpg

Vulcan Blend

from 8.75

Creamy Milk Chocolate, Long Smokey Tobacco Finish

Dark Roast & Full Body

Nourished in the Volcanic Soils of the Andean Mountain Range

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Monday-Wednesday 6AM-6PM

Thursday & Friday 6AM-9PM

Saturday 7AM-9PM      Sunday 7AM-6PM