Zocalo Coffeehouse

Zocalo Coffeehouse. An independent, locally-owned coffeehouse and roastery, located in San Leandro, California. The name, a Mexican-Spanish word meaning "town square" or "town center," was chosen to reflect the goal of community building, focusing not only on the product, but on the place itself. 

It’s not just about coffee or tea, it’s about the community.

by michael sacramento

October 30th 2015- January 2016

"My paintings of toys are both an investigation of the intersection of formalism, Pop and realism as well as an amusing way for me to remember my childhood. My work is heavily informed by Wayne Theibaud, Edward Hopper and Raymond Stapranz. However, I also incorporate influences from urban art,illustration and comic books. I aim to enhance the mood of my paintings and create a deeper relationship with my audience using these various interests.

Like most children. I often enjoyed playing with toys. They were my catalysts for friendship, imagination and ambition - toy robots were shared between cousins, classmates and I; Lego building blocks helped me visualize worlds beyond my own; I used crayons to realize my passion for art.There was nothing I enjoyed more.

Currently, my art reflects on that joy. I use it as subject while I explore the qualities of paint, composition and how they may enhance the feeling of nostalgia and lost innocence. The paintings are created as colorful but slightly aged artifacts that seem like they have been cut from walls and retained for posterity. This is achieved by layering different colors mixed with a concrete like medium on a surface then incorporating an image on top.

Consequently, my work aims to find connections with others who share the same fond memories of childhood. It is this connection that makes my vision complete." 



Want to showcase your paintings at Zocalo? Contact our Art Curator Dean at mccoyda@sbcglobal.net

Monday-Wednesday 6AM-6PM

Thursday & Friday 6AM-9PM

Saturday 7AM-9PM      Sunday 7AM-6PM